by Janelle
(Mafinga, Tanzania Africa)


Thank you in advance for helping me with this. My question is does Kimchee really need to be refrigerated? I ask because Iam currently a teacher in Tanzania, Africa. However I am in the village, so no electrricity. But it is the cold season, so i was thinking a tuperware container in a clay pot. I love kimchee and miss it like crazy. We have plenty of nappa cabbage. Well what do you think or do you have any advice? Thank you again and have a great day. - Jane


Traditionally Kimchi was stored in clay pots underground to keep it cool, As long as you can keep it cool it should keep well. If you haven't got a fridge then a cold store or underground storage should be ok to keep kimchi.

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Aug 10, 2015
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by: Anna

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Sep 08, 2015
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Oct 16, 2015
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May 16, 2016
Alternative to Refrigeration NEW
by: Dave in Prescott AZ

There is a non-electric technology for people to maintain the freshness of vegetables, etc. for a longer period than storage outside.

This technology was invented in Africa and uses cheap available items. It is basically made with two nested clay pots. The pots are separated by sand (insulation) and the sand is kept wet. It works like evaporative cooling. Water needs to be added daily because of evaporation.

If you do an Internet search on the name "Zeer" you will find numerous articles. I made a Zeer a few years ago using large clay flower pots and I was getting internal temps. of about 50 deg. F. when the outdoor temp. was in the 70's F.

A rough "rule of thumb" is that for every 10 deg. F you reduce the temp.; you will double the shelf life of vegetables (20 deg. temp. drop is 4 times extension of vegetable shelf life).

I make my own Kim Chi in a German made ceramic fermenter (designed for sauerkraut, but works like a champ for Kim Chi). It takes 6 weeks for it to adequately naturally ferment at around a constant 60 deg. F in my basement.

Other methods our ancestors used were a "Spring House" or lowering into a water well.

Good Luck !!

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