What is a Courgette?

(From Alice)

A courgette plant

A courgette plant

A courgette plant A courgette or Zucchini

I'm very anxious to try your vegetable bread, but what is Courgette. I have been very successful in making my own Kimchi, which is very much like your recipe, our friend who owns a Sushie restaurant,taught my daughter how to make it,and she in turn showed me. Waiting to hear from you.

Thank you Alice from Canada

Luna: Hi

I have attached a picture of a courgette and also a plant which I have grown in my garden.

You may know a courgette better as a Zucchini, as I believe this is what it is called in USA, Australia etc, in England though they are called courgettes.

Its a green or yellow vegetable, it is an immature marrow, and they are normally harvested about 6 to 10 inches in size, you can eat the whole fruit except the ends. It comes from the same family as squashes and pumpkins.

If you don't like it or can't get them, you can leave them out of most my recipes or substitute it for something you like, the reason I use them a lot is that they are very easy to grow at home so I always have some ready to use.

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Dec 29, 2011
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this

Nov 14, 2017
by: Anonymous

tat oeng bong acaou rah ma

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