My Korean recipe for
Bean sprout soup

Here is my recipe for a simple bean sprout soup, this soup makes a great starter or can accompany most main dishes. The flavour is mild and delicate, and the crunch of the bean sprouts give it a great texture.

I have used the following ingredients:
2 Litres of water
3 handfuls of Bean sprouts
3 tablespoons of chicken stock
1 piece of dried seaweed
2 tablespoons of soy sauce

Begin making this soup by boiling the water in a saucepan, once it is boiling well add the chicken stock and seaweed and mix well. then chuck in 3 handfuls of bean sprouts and cook reasonably quickly (about 5 minutes) and add the soy sauce during this time.

Bean sprout soup picture

After about 5 minutes of cooking this soup is now ready, and is best served hot. As you can see this dish literally only takes a few minutes to make, It's is very light so it is best served as a starter or with a main dish

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