Have you cooked any Korean food at home?

Have you cooked some Korean food at home? If yes I would love to see it!

Whether you have used one of my recipes or given it your own twist I would really like to see the results!

Please explain what you did, ingredients used and what you thought of it, any pictures would be great.

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stir-fried noodle with red pepper paste and beef  
1 pack of instant noodle ( cooked ) 1/2 cup of onion ( fine chop ) a clove of garlic ( minced ) 80 gram of beef or chicken ( slice ) a tsp of red pepper …

cold kimchi gigae noodle 
a head of kimchi ( fine chop ) a tofu ( cube ) 50 gram pork or pork belly ( slice ) tsp of chicken stock a bowl of water sugar ( optional ) a tsp …

Cold Spicy Noodles - Naeng Myun 
I used to get this twice a week at a restaurant in Illinois. When I moved to Florida I could not locate any Korean restaurants and had to go without unless …

Kimchi Jigae Not rated yet
Kimchi jigae..

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