Do you sell Korean beers?

by Lloyd

Hi, I just love Korea so much, more so than my own (Wales), and I have found it extremely hard to find Korean beer here, the closest place I've come across is in New Malden but that is just too far for me to travel. I notice you seem to sell some noodles, paste etc.. Do you think you could get your hands on some Hite? <-- I know that seems to come across as if it's a dodgy deal haha.



Hi, Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately to supply alcohol in the UK you need a licence. Also the bottles are glass so I am not sure if they would make it in the post.

In New malden there is a large Korean community, but there are also communities in Birmingham and Cambridge.

The biggest supplier of Korean foods in the UK is Korea foods, they have a number of shops throughout the UK called Seoul Plaza. It may be worth contacting them and seeing if they are willing to send you some.

I hope this helps

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