Korean Soju
All you need to know

Korean Soju is the most popular alcoholic drink in South Korean, It is normally drunk neat by koreans at nearly every opportunity. It is believed to be first distilled around 700 years ago, and was traditionally distilled from rice, however sweet potatoes are normally used for cheaper Soju's.

It is clear in appearance and looks simular to vodka, and as already mentioned it is normally drunk neat as it is sweeter than vodka. However in modern Korea soju is starting to be mixed with beers and soft drinks.

Korean Soju

The average alcohol content varies between 20% and 40% with most being around the 25% mark. It is also believed that the average South Korean drinks around 90 bottles a year, and fortunately for Koreans Soju is very cheap between £1-2 a bottle.

However from 1965 until 1999, because of rice shortages, the Korean government prohibited the traditional distillation of soju from rice. Instead, highly distilled ethanol from sweet potatoes and tapioca was mixed with water, flavouring, and sweetener to create soju. Although this restriction is no longer in place the cost of rice has meant that traditional Soju is now quite rare.

Don't drink too much Korean Soju
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