The Korean Sundae
A South Korean Sausage

The Korean Sundae or Korean sausage has been around for a long time. It's a popular dish that Korean people love to eat, If you take a trip to South Korea, you will see it sold on the streets alongside Ddukbokki, and served in specialist sundae restaurants where they make a range of dishes using sundae.

Korean Sundae on the street

The Sundae has been a part of the Korean culture throughout history. No one truly knows exactly when it was first made, however many people agree that it's been around for centuries. Over the years, many Koreans have incorporated their own twist within the recipe so that the Sundae can be quite unique to them and their families, certainly if you travel to different areas of South Korea you will see the taste alter.

whole Korean Sundae sausage

The Korean sausage is made of cow and pig intestines, in a similar way to western sausages, however it’s the filling which makes it stand apart. It's similar to black pudding; however the sausage is stuffed with noodles. The most popular recipe for the Korean sundae is pork blood and noodles. However beef blood and even fish is sometimes used. Koreans love to make their own variations and they would want you to try it.

Korean Sundae close up

Eating Sundae is where it really stands out, unlike the very meaty western sausage, Korean sausages are lighter and the noodles give a jelly like texture which breaks up and melts in your mouth when you eat it, Sundae is normally served in slices as suppose to whole sausages, it is often eaten with Ddukbokki, but it can also be consumed on its own as a snack or for lunch, you are unlikely to see this eaten for breakfast or with chips.

A few other popular Korean Sausages are The Myeongtae sundae which consists of local fish which gives you a fish tasting sausage, and the Ojingeo sundae consists of squid mixed with noodles.

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