Mattang Recipe
Sweet Potato Dessert

Mattang is a simple traditional dessert, that I used to eat a lot when I was young. Instead of biscuits and cookies which were expensive, my grandma would make this sweet snack from potatoes.

This recipe is good for kids and I try to give to my kids instead of biscuits and crisps, I don't know if Mattang is healthier but I would have thought so, but I wouldn't eat to much as it's high in sugar.

I have used the following Ingredients:

1 Sweet potato
1 Potato
150g of sugar
Some Hazelnuts and Walnuts

Peel and cut the potatoes in to chunks, similar in size to roast potatoes is about right. To cook steaming is best and for about 10 minutes is fine (In South Korea, Mattang in commonly deep fried).

Cooked Potato

Once you have steamed the potatoes fry in a small bit of oil for a couple of minutes. In a small pan, melt 150g of sugar on a medium heat so it becomes a syrup and then add the nuts.

Mattang syrupMattang cooking

You have a choice with the syrup, you can add this to the pan and mix all together or I prefer to serve on a plate and pour the syrup on top. Cooking altogether will give you sweeter potatoes, once its all cooked eat warm so the syrup doesn't go hard.

Mattang Served

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