Spicy Cucumber
Add a kick to your salad

Here is the first of many Korean side dish, Spicy cucumber gives the cucumber a unique flavour and a lovely kick perfect with most Korean foods.

Spicy Cucumber Ingredients

I have used the following ingredients:
1 Cucumber
1 tablespoon of Apple vinegar
1 tablespoon of Sugar
1 tablespoon of Red pepper Powder

All you need to do is cut the cucumber in to slices, and put everything in a bowl and mix it together. That's it, your spiced cucumber salad is ready!

Spicy Cucumber

Keep in a box in the fridge, it will keep for over 1 week

Serve a small amount cold with your meal for a delicious and easy spicy salad.

A simple addition to this dish is a spring onion, finely chopped. This adds more depth to the flavour of the salad and is worth trying if you like the above recipe.

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