Instant Korean Noodle

A popular Korean instant noodle is the black bean flavoured noodle, in South Korea this can be delivered fresh from a noodle takeout or cooked from an instant packet. Chapagetti is the brand of one of the most popular black bean noodles, These are very easy to make but are cooked slightly differently to other noodles.

Chapagetti Korean Noodle

To start boil the noodles in water for about 3-5 minutes, Once cooked you must drain about 70% of the water, now add the sauchets that come with noodle, these contain the black sauce. Return over heat and keep stiring with a wooden spoon for about a minute to mix the sauce and noodles together. This is important as it stops the mixture sticking to the pan.

Chapagetti Korean Noodle

Once mixed pour the noodles on to a plate and serve. This korean noodle is unique in flavor and great as a quick lunch or you could east for dinner with a few side-dishes such as kimchi or spicy cucumber.

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