Some of the many
Types of kimchi

Many people don't realise that there are many types of kimchi, Kimchi is without doubt the most famous south korean dish, . If you ever get the chance to visit South Korea, you will find as you travel around that Kimchi tastes and looks different wherever you go and there are a lot of regional variations.

Kimchi is like wine, the older it is the better it tastes, and the average Korean eats over 40 pounds of Kimchi every year!

Making Kimchi

I have listed a few of the different types of kimchi here and will add to this list over time:

Baechu kimchi is the traditional way to make Kimchi, this is the most common South Korea. It is made using the Chinese cabbages whole and traditionally stored underground in simple cold stores made from mud. It is cut in to slices before serving.

Mat kimchi picture

Matt Kimchi is the modern method of making Baechu Kimchi, it differs as the Chinese cabbages are sliced before the vegetables are flavoured with sauces and spices. When severed it looks and tastes very simular to Baechu Kimchi, However Koreans say that baechu kimchi still tastes better that the modern equivalent.

Yeolmu Kimchi picture

Yeolmu Kimchi is made from young radish (white mooli) leaves. These are harvested early in the growing season, while still soft and tender, this kimchi is very popular in the summer and often eaten fresh with cold noodles.

Chonggak kimchi picture

Chonggak Kimchi uses the white radish (mooli) vegetable, Cut in to strips and made in to kimchi, this type has a lovely crunch when you eat it. It is often eaten with spicy Korean instant noodles. Also can be cut in to chunks and add to Bibimbap, as the crunchy texture really adds to the dish.

There are so many types of Kimchi

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