An Easy Grilled Mackerel Recipe
Korean Godeungeo Gui

Called Godeungeo Gui in South Korea, this is one of the most common and popular fish dishes particularly because mackerel is a very cheap fish, and in ancient Korea it was one of the few meats enjoyed by everyday Koreans.

Often served as a side dish but also easily eaten as a main dish with some sides, It's basically grilled mackerel with some Korean styled flavouring. This grilled mackerel recipe is very easy to make at home and tastes great, my kids love it and its very good for you.

As a side dish this would serve 2-4 people, if I was serving as a main I would use 1 fish per person.

I have used the following Ingredients:

1 Mackerel
2 1/2 tablespoons of Soy sauce
1 clove of crushed garlic
1/2 tablespoon of sugar
1/2 Spring onion
1/2 teaspoon of Sesame Oil

Godeungeo gui prepared to grill

Take the mackerel and remove the head and tail, I normally get my fish monger to do this for me as its easier otherwise a sharp knife will quickly do this. Split the mackerel vertically and place on a grill pan. Season with a pinch of salt and place under the grill.

In a small bowl crush the clove of garlic and put the spring onion after slicing it finely, add to this the soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar then mix this together well.

Godeungeo Gui served grilled Mackerel

After about 5 to 10 minutes under the grill remove the mackerel and add the sauce to the fish spreading well over the meat and then grill for a final 10 minutes. After this remove from the grill and serve on a plate and enjoy.

Grilled Mackerel Close Up

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