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refridgerate pastes? 
Hi, im sharing the fridge with flatmates and dont have enough space for several tubs of gochujang, doenjang, ssamjang i stocked up on, except for the ones …

hot pepper paste 
what would you use hot pepper paste for? Luna: I would use hot pepper paste for flavouring meats and rice dishes. It will make the dishes hot and …

Korean Food for vegetarians 
Dear luna, I was wondering what I could Substitute for most of the meat in these dishes because Im vegetarian but, I would still love to cook some of …

Fried Cucumbers? 
Luna, When I lived in South Korea, my Korean roommate used to cook wonderful cucumbers deeped in egg. I think those were cucumbers. She'd slice the thing, …

Hi, Thank you in advance for helping me with this. My question is does Kimchee really need to be refrigerated? I ask because Iam currently a teacher …

Steam Kimchi 
Hi Luna, Great job with the blog. I find the recipe useful. I just made my maiden trip to South Korea and had steam kimchi with pork. I absolutely …

No cook korean food 
Hello! we are planning to teach our students on how to make korean food without cooking, do you know any recipe like kimbap where they just assemble the …

Korean Rice and Breakfast 
There are so many kinds of rice available, which kind of rice do you use in your Korean recipes? Also, do you have a recipe for the basic breakfast rice …

What is a Courgette? 
I'm very anxious to try your vegetable bread, but what is Courgette. I have been very successful in making my own Kimchi, which is very much like your …

Just got back from Korea and want to learn korean recipes 
Hi Luna, I just got back from my second trip to South Korea and am very interested in expanding my Korean recipes. I can't wait to try your Gochujang, …

Substitutes for Korean ingredients 
Luna, instead of beef and tofu, can we use some other ingredients? Luna: Yes you can change a lot of ingredients in Korean cooking, in fact a number …

Spice Rack 
Hi Luna! I love your site! I am definitely going to make some of these delicious looking foods! I have a couple questions that I would like to ask …

Korean Sauce Ingredients 
Hi, Can you help me to translate the ingredient list from the label (as attach)? I'm Muslim and can't eat certain ingredient. I got these items from …

Korean dumpling papers Recipe 
Jean: Is it possible to make the dumpling papers? Luna : Yes, you can however I tend to buy them to save time, they are relatively straight forward …

red rice 
I would like to know the benefits of red rice GAO HUYET RONG? I was told to cook,then puree with water for a rice drink. Helps with cholesterol and your …

Finger food? Not rated yet
Hi, Luna! I just found your site, and it is making me hungry! I have a question about eating bossam or other wrapped foods. Is it okay to pick it up with …

Cucumber side dish Not rated yet
Just wanted to share .... Since I do not have Apple Cider vinegar I used Fruit Vinegar and Rice Seasoned Vinegar which created sweet flavor without using …

Do you sell Korean beers? Not rated yet
Hi, I just love Korea so much, more so than my own (Wales), and I have found it extremely hard to find Korean beer here, the closest place I've come across …

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