Just got back from Korea and want to learn korean recipes

by Tom
(Baldwin, Wi, USA)

Hi Luna,

I just got back from my second trip to South Korea and am very interested in expanding my Korean recipes. I can't wait to try your Gochujang, but want to try and make two other dishes. The first dish was a Kimchi, but very different than the typical, red pepper based Kimchi. I believe it was made with radishes (cut into @ 3/4 " cubes) and served in a clear, cold, slightly sweetened broth that you could drink. My guess is that is was made with rice wine vinegar, garlic, sugar, and maybe one more ingredient (just a guess). I really enjoyed this, and would like help finding out what it is called and how to make it.

The other was something I came across at a small open-air market. It is some sort of rice-type cake. It was in a big block (@ 2 feet cubed) like the big block of homemade tofu, and was cut to order. It seemed to be like a big chunk of gelatin based, slightly gray in color, and could be marinated and served cold, or even warm. The texture was similar to spring roll wrapper, but not as chewy, more like a stiff jello. Any ideas on its name or a recipe?

Please forgive my long-winded explanations, but my hope is to help you identify these two. Any help is appreciated as I learn to cook more Korean recipes - I really love Korean food!



Hi Tom,

The first dish you describe I think is ChiKin Mu, a side dish that is very easy make and commonly served alongside Korean fried chicken, because it goes well with greasy food. I will make this in the next few weeks and I am sure you could do it.

The second I think is Acorn jelly (dotorimuk/tot'orimuk), its made from acorns and is grey and as you have described. It is quite complex from scratch, but you can get a Acorn Jelly that makes it a lot easier to make, I remember my Grandma collecting acorns when I was young and making this and it was delicious.

Try asking at an Asian supermarket for acorn jelly and hopefully they will have some, its made in a similar way to normal jelly. I will also make this in the dish in the next month or so.

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