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by Claire

I would like to know the benefits of red rice GAO HUYET RONG? I was told to cook,then puree with water for a rice drink. Helps with cholesterol and your body actually tingles where you have extra fat?

Thank you.

Luna: Hi, thanks for contacting me.

I have not heard of Gao Huyet Rong before, but I have done some research. I believe it is Chinese or Vietnamese in origin and the chinese do claim that there is a number of health benefits from eating red rice, lowering Cholesterol being one of them.

The best information I could find was here

I hope this helps and I am sorry I don't know more about this.

I have also translated the following which was in Vietnamese:

Luc and Luc Nuoc Gao Gao Rang (Blood Gao Rong)

Chua diseases: High cholesterol, high blood, headaches, due to open your chat (deposit) bam o blood vessel walls, cure the disease painful tendons, joints, arms toe bones, the joints on could caused by arthritis, fetal liver toxicity, horse liver disease, cancer increased sources, all in Tomatoes, bloating, stomach pain, police sign language, a cure for diabetes, etc. ...


I / Country fried rice:

1. Gao Luc (Brown rice) species purchased at the Japanese organic, Trade Joes, or Health Food Store velvet American Super Market. In Vietnam, from the place. Thuong not buy rice at the state of chemical fertilizers.

2. Fried rice for yellow or brownish, without burning.

3. Apply the formula 1 / 6. (A bowl of rice, boiled bat 6).

6 bat Boiling water into a bowl of rice than that to 5 minutes. After the liquid to be a soldier, war Tạm tên với 1.

4. Lay 6 bat bat in Boiling water by another liquid to rice king, roi This detector module rice and water for 5 minutes. Chat dippers out to be a soldier than 2.

5. Lay them in water by infantry soldiers first two Roasted We have a water rice .

Now drink water khat khi Whenever the day. Now drink water instead of water.

If drinking it can make them dot de gao other drinks though.

(Note: If an Additional Examination with four Vegetables and fruits).

II. Brown rice :

1. Gao King liver luc nuoc finish cooking it above the bar com de police. Nau nau com normal way (the king muốn eat cooked or store water. Muon soft or flabby an exam for more water.)

2. When cooking contest for Some salt for skin damage. Especially for the 2 tablespoons olive oil. Com Security sẽ không cần very delicious food. Treatment eating this as trong com (for 2 or 3 weeks), the disease in remission instead. Appetite Want me to eat more salt test. An longer three weeks or more, the better for early to all Patients. Security Chewing behavior of rat com bui and sweet, can feel secure com bat 4.5, nhưng vẫn muốn security.

3. Also at any more food như meat, fish them are ca.

Gao is "important to have that to drink water throughout the day. Brown rice mites implement virtually no sugar diabetes cure very effective compression.

Some are my friends in this popular recipe da police. Nhưng không vì police know me, they asked cook with cream on the type of bean, broccoli, bell pepper, etc ... Tasty and ate very healthy compliment.

An Gao Gao Rang and drink Luc Luc Will cure diseases mentioned above

Tested for Some time, Will change the results significantly

Business people always wish good health, love life and Happily pen ...


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Jan 15, 2012
Incomprehensible about gao lut rang article NEW
by: Anonymous

I can't understand what was written about this article!

Mar 27, 2012
thanks for info NEW
by: Anonymous

such important information thanks for posting! very difficult to understand the vienglish. will you email new directions in better english.

Feb 06, 2013
Red rice NEW
by: Anonymous

Red rice came from Dong Thap Muoi province of Viet Nam, China has nothing do with this rice

Mar 24, 2013
by: CT

More they Come from Thai Lan

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